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So what you will be looking at is an example of what a customer would receive for a tracking statistics link. We will provide a URL that you can look in real-time and see the traffic that’s being delivered to your offer.  The example you will see is in the Gambling niche the online gambling online casino niche – and you can see that that the site received 27 unique clicks.

So regarding the general statistics, the 27 unique clicks and can see within the last 24 hours that 21 clicks were received.  Once you scroll down, you can see the top 10 referrers.

You can already see that of two visits from YouTube videos that were abandoned, that that traffic’s been delivered here, and then some of these are domains that we have built out that are delivering organic content traffic back to actual human visitors.

Back to this, this offer link that you see here so the country breakdown. You can see that the majority of this is within tier 1 countries, so United States United Kingdom and this particular one is not optimized for tier one, so it could get traffic from any country really.

But you’re able to see this over time. You can see how many unique visits you get and there’s. A breakdown will cover these tabs in just a moment of where that traffic comes from and what that percentage looks like.

So we’re gonna click on clicks, and this is where you’re gonna see your referred details or you can see the number of unique versus raw visitors. You’ll notice that there’s. Nothing in the crawler section: well, I have this platform optimized to try and restrict any search engines or crawlers from from showing in your stats.

The last thing you want is to see bunch of click statistics with a bunch of crawler and bot traffic and Google pounding away on the content. So I have that filtered out so that you’re, just seeing the real visitors.

Now every attempts made to block box that are the bad actors, the ones that that are an issue but can’t, always protect against it. But it does a pretty good job of filtering that out. So what you’re, looking at or real human visitors for the most part here, that it’s, predominantly desktop, and then there’s.

The platforms that we can’t identify and then you can see the breakdown of the types of browsers that are visiting now you might ask: why is this important? So if you’re trying to optimize a landing page that that you’re trying to get traffic to that, that you want it to be the best experience, you want to make sure that you’re, not using an Old Internet Explorer version that might look like crap, so you want to make sure that you’re using better, better browsers, so the default browser.

This would be the edge browser most likely, and then your chrome users over here and then Firefox bringing up the lead is third. So here you see the country map and we’re, not in just above here we’re, not tracking sub ID, so that’s not available in our traffic service.

But you look down below, you, can see the map and where the visits came from, so you can see there. These are different parts of the world. If we wanted to and we clicked in on them inside a United States, we can see the different areas.

So if you look, this is the last hundred entries. So I’m. Just gonna you know bring up 50 of them here. So, as you can see, you could click down on each of these. You could find out that that came from a Linux platform served up through Amazon.

It was not blocked. It was a legitimate visitor, using Chrome and there’s, another one that came from the ads for help comm domain from Asia, but it was not a crawler. It was not a bot and let’s jump on down here.

Just a little bit at some of these, we’ll. Just pick a couple at random. Let’s, see so here’s, one where the platforms unknown the platform versions unknown. Any of these that are in kind of the pink color here those are blocked.

Those are not shown for whatever reason that it was picked up on that it was, was not a valid real person that it blocked that and kept that from being displayed in your stats, and you can see there’s quite a few of them.

But again we don’t want it. Skewing your stats. When you’re looking at this, so you can get the breakdown of the clicks. We’re, not doing the conversion tracking, so we’re going to skip that section there here’s where the Tier one country breakdown comes in.

So if you’ve, if you’ve purchased a premium traffic subscription and it’s Tier one traffic. Then you can see that here’s. Some Canadian visitors, Great Britain, US and you can see the breakdown and the percentage of tier 1 to tier to traffic, and as we go to the top 10, you can see the top 10 factors around country states time zones.

What type of browsers are predominant IP addresses that show up the most and the cities that are in those frequently and that’s, it that’s um. This is what you’re gonna get. If you have subscribed. If you purchase more than one subscription, then you’ll get one of these links for each of your offers that you’re trying to promote, and again this is a real-time stats link.

You can also view it in mobile. You’ll, see that it’s responsive if we uh. If we move this around, you can see it from a phone or a tablet, some other kind of mobile device, and this is um. This is available at all customers.

So head on over to Abandoned Traffic and sign up for a traffic package today.

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